Online Primary School Tuition

Quality online learning delivered via Skype by a highly qualified and experienced teacher.

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About Step into Tuition?

Personalised 1:1 lessons in any curriculum subject via Skype.

Lessons are written just for your child!

Unlike other companies, our teacher Becky is qualified to teach in English schools as well as to teach ESL.

She has taught in several British Primary Schools including teaching children who are Gifted and Talented, children with Special Educational Needs and children for whom English is not their first language.

Your teacher's qualifications include:


  • Primary Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) specialising in Modern Languages.
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • BA Degree in European Studies (French, Italian and Politics)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Level 4
  • Level 4 qualification in IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance


Course Plans


Buy a course of 5 or 10 lessons for your child and they will  receive a personalised course plan.  


Becky will discuss with you what your goals are for your child.  She will assess your child's current level and quickly identify their preferred learning style.


Every lesson will be written and tailored specifically for your child to meet their individual needs.





Most lessons last 1 hour, although this can be flexible depending on the child.  Some children may find shorter lessons more appropriate.  


Lessons are done via Skype video call. 


We will make full use of the Skype Chat Box during our lessons to aid learning.


We will also use the share screen function and other visual and interactive resources.


I will send you any course material your child will need prior to the lesson.

Lesson Reports 


After each lesson your child will receive a lesson report.  This will summarise their learning.  It will tell you what they are doing well and note any areas they need to improve and provide some suggestions on how they might do this.




Lesson reports will provide a good record of your child's progress.

Other services including proof reading, Adult English Tuition, Exam Preparation, IELTS and Next Step Coaching.